Project Description

Vue – The Complete Guide | VueJs course from Udemy

After “ReactJS” I got the course on “VueJS” and completed that because, at that time, all the concepts were very clear to me about components, state management, and redux (well, for “vuejs” I used/learned “vuex,” but the concept/working of it was same, just as for angular2 I used “ngrx,” once you learn and understand one it’s very easy to learn and understand other two (and similar other libraries and frameworks), that’s why I continued and learned VueJs after learning ReactJS, and it was very interesting). I completed/created all the projects which were shown in the course on my own. The way I learned vuejs and courses after this was that I started a video and finished it to the end (and for test videos, I just viewed the result, which was required) and completed the practical all on my own without re-watching the video or viewing the solution of the test. one other main reason for learning VueJs was because it was very in, in the laravel ecosystem. I was very impressed with the “Laravel + InertiaJs + VueJs” stack, as their main selling point was that you do not need APIs. You can still get a SPA (single page app); so far, I have only worked with ReactJs, Angular2, Ionic, and NativeScript, and for all these, I require APIs (Restful or GraphQL) from the backend. I was very curious about this, so I learned VueJs and created a personal/learning project using “Laravel + InertiaJs + VueJs,” it was interesting to understand how it worked; after that, I developed a few professional/work projects using this technology stack.

My Role in Project:

VueJs Developer
VueJS, VueX, Laravel, InertiaJs, Full Stack Development, Web App Development, Project Management
Personal/Learning Project
Copy Right
Self Learning
Start Date
July 2020
End Date
August 2020
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