Project Description

Trizlink | Url Shortener SaaS App | Web App Development

 Trizlink is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product app. Its main features are “Url Shortening,” “Link-In-Bio Page Builder,” and “Social Media Account Manager.” We developed the whole App (a two-person team, with me as Senior Developer, Project Manager, and a fellow Developer). For the front end, we used “Ionic + ReactJs + Typescript + Recoil + Formik + CapacitorJs, with few other required libraries.” For the backend, we first developed its backend in “Laravel + Nova + Restful APIs with MySql for database.” However, then for scalability, server management, and database and cost reasons, we changed its backend to “AWS (amazon web services) Lambda Serverless Functions (with NodeJs V20) and AWS API Gateway + AWS Cognito (for authentication) + S3 (simple storage service) for media/images/files storage and database we used DynamoDB (AWS serverless database) with other required AWS services like SES (simple email service), SNS (simple notification service), Cloudwatch and more (IAM, etc.)”. It was very effective, and we were able to cut down the server cost by 90% (as we only paid for the active users and calls we required in the App). The scaling of the server also became very easy as it was managed automatically for us (it was no problem if one function was receiving 1k calls while the other received 100k calls, and it was managed properly). We completed the web app version of the project. I deployed that live using “S3 for frontend,” and the backend was already ready on AWS Lambda Serverless. For now, the completed features in the Web app are “Url Shortening, Authentication, Email Verification, User Roles and Permissions, Workspace Management, Team Management, Inviting Members in different workspaces, Notifications, and many other core features of the app” ” The core modules and base of the project is ready. next, we will continue (in the near future) on the next big feature of the product, which is “Link-In-Bio Page Builder, along with the Android and IOS app of the project, and after that, the final main feature of the product, “Social Media Account Management.” So stay tuned and subscribe to the Trizlink newsletter for updates about its new features.

My Role in Project:

ReactJs & AWS Lambda Serverless Backend Developer

Full Stack App Development

Professional/Work Project
Copy Right

Zaions Company

Start Date
 November 2022
End Date
February 2024
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