Project Description

Shiraakat | FPI (Fractional Property Investment)

The client from the “Broker CRM” project renamed the project to “Shiraakat.” The same concept, “FPI (Fractional Property Investment),” means many users can buy one house in fractions (for example, pay for only the number of square feet they can buy easily at any time). Shiraakat is an information-providing company that stores sellers’ and buyers’ information and manages it securely. This means users can easily use the Shiraakat platform to store information about selling and purchasing their property. I am “CTO (Chief Technology Officer).” I am responsible for developing and managing the state of the Shiraakat web & mobile app platform (websites, software, and mobile apps). previously, I developed the Shiraakat web platform/CRM using “Laravel” using the premium “Metronic | Bootstrap HTML, VueJS, React, Angular, Asp.Net, Django & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template” laravel template; I customized it according to the client’s requirements. this project is a frontend/display website for Shiraakat to tell users “what it?”, “how they can use it?” “how will it help them?” & and “What main problems does this platform solve for them.” Other than that, on this website, we are showcasing the founding team of “Shiraakat” and details about its platform and mobile apps (which will be added soon). I made customizations to this WordPress website, fixed a few bugs, and added a few new screens and custom logic using “Custom PHP, Javascript, and AlpineJs.” I added a “Get a Quote” option on the website where the user can enter their details. I’m storing these details in “Firebase Serverless Backend” and then creating a “PDF using Javascript ‘PdfJs'” which the user can download from the website and later use for verification. The next milestone is to create a mobile app so the admin can easily engage with app users. I will create that App using “Flutter” for the front end of a mobile app (Android & IOS Native App). For the back end, I will use “AWS Lambda Serverless Backend (Restful API).” so stay tuned and remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

My Role in Project:

WordPress Developer

Full Stack App Development

Professional/Work Project
Copy Right
Shiraakat Company
Start Date
January 2024
End Date
February 2024
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