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Perkforce App For Slack | Slack App Developer

 In Perkforce, I was assigned a task to create a “Slack App” for the product, so users of the product will be able to install the “Product’s Slack App” and then will be able to use it to send notifications about perks they have added in their account to their members on their slack workspace. I started developing a custom “Slack App” using “Slack Web API” and Slack developer program guide. It was a very fun challenge, I had to learn about Slack Web API, the OAuth install process, and scopes/permissions (specifically bot and user scopes/permissions) available in Slack, which are required to perform any task through Slack web API. I first implemented the “Slack OAuth” flow in the app, using which the app user was able to connect their perkforce account with their Slack workspace (and I was able to fetch the access tokens with required scopes/permissions). Next, I started going through the official documentation of Slack web API methods. I learned what we need to do to fetch the conversation and send the notifications (as required by the task) to respective conversations/channels/chats in Slack. While working on this, I faced a few issues and resolved them by going through the Slack documentation and some by searching online. The team created and tested the “Perkforce App for Slack” locally. I was then assigned the task of publishing that in “The Slack App Store,” I set the details for the app in “Slack API/Developer Account,” and created the pages (page showing users how to install the app and other policy-related pages), created a video showcasing the working of the app and how to use it, and submitted that in the slack app store for production release/distribution. It took me around a week to resolve a few change requests that the Slack testing team requested (changes were related to their policies and terms and not related to app functionality); once everything was resolved, the app got accepted and released onto the “Slack App Store.” Our users were able to install the app directly from the app store and send notifications about their perks into their workspaces directly from their perkforce web/mobile app accounts. It was a big achievement for the project’s success.

My Role in Project:

Slack App Developer

Full Stack App Development

Professional/Work Project
Copy Right
 Perkforce Company
Start Date
March 2023
End Date
May 2023
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