Project Description

Laravel Nova Mastery” | Admin Panel Development Using Laravel Nova

I really liked working in “Laravel” due to its structure, how easy it makes it for us to develop apps from scratch, and how much starter code it provides. In the past, I used “Laravel AdminLTE” to create admin panel systems (CMS (content management system)/CRM (customer relation management system)/ERP (Enterprise resource planning system)). But that was not enough. It required much work and needed to be better. I learned about “Laravel Nova” from the laravel official website (while I was deploying a laravel project in production using “Laravel Forge” and “Digital Ocean Droplet”) from laravel Ecosystem. I was very impressed with what “Laravel Nova” can do for us. I bought the lifetime plan right away (as we can not use Laravel Nova, not even for learning, without a license), and it was fully worth it (I loved it). With the help of laravel Nova, I was able to develop even more powerful systems (mainly admin panels) in less than half time, which would have been the case if I had to develop that same system using “Laravel AdminLTE” and even more if using just laravel. I used it in many projects after that (as full stack developing the whole system, as backend stack taking care of Admin panel part while I took care of the APIs using pure laravel) (I’m one of the community members who have requested “Laravel Nova” team to add “API development” support in Nova and I will buy it right away as soon as they release it). I completed the “Laravel Nova Mastery” course by “Marcel Pociot” from “Laracasts.” It was outdated, so I had to learn many concepts from “Nova Docs.”

My Role in Project:

Laravel Nova Developer
Nova, Laravel, VueJs, Tailwindcss, MySQL, Admin Panel Development, Custom Solution, CMS Development, ERP System Development, CRM Development
Personal/Learning Project
Copy Right
Self Learning
Start Date
December 2021
End Date
December 2021
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