Project Description

Flutter App Development Course | Native Mobile (Android and IOS) App Development Using Flutter

So far, I have learned three total frameworks to develop mobile apps, “Nativescript,” “Ionic Framework” and “React Native”; from these three, I developed almost 4 apps using Nativescript (using its earlier version (version 5)), I learned “Ionic Framework” because it was quite hard to get the UI requirements done in native script at that time (animations, custom styling to top tabs, bottom tabs, sidebar drawer, modals, appear, and other elements). It required our custom elements, which was difficult as well. Next, I learned “Ionic Framework with CapacitorJs,” and it was so easy. I was able to use normal HTML, and it was quite easy. Yet, the problem I faced was support for “native animations, performance, native features and most important ‘Native App Badge/Label/Certificate.'” So after learning “ReactJs,” I started learning “React Native,” and it resolved many issues for me; my apps became more performant, I was able to control the UI as I needed (no limitations there), security got improved, and most of all I got the “Native Apps” label/badge/certificate for my apps. But still, the animations part had more apps from one code base, which was lacking (yes, I was able to get 3 apps (web, native Android, and native iOS app) easily from one code base, but I needed more). I wanted to get 6 apps from one code base or atleast 5 apps (web, native Android, Native IOS, windows, and MacOS (and Linux if possible also)), so I started my search and came across “Flutter” (it was flutter version 2 when I started working in it). I took the “Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide” course once again by “Maximilian Schwarzmüller” and, yes, from “Udemy” (I think I have taken at least 70% of this instructor’s courses, and I like his teaching style (except for his speed unless I listen to it at 2.2second per second speed it’s just too slow for me, other than that he’s good :)). I was very happy with how Flutter helped me with the remaining points I had. Now, after learning Flutter (and especially using Flutter version 3 (and future versions)), using one codebase, I can get 6 apps (web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux) easily without any extra effort. The speed of apps is great; there is no restriction when it comes to creating any UI (as with Flutter, it’s like you are drawing on the screen with code off-course :), and there is great support for native animations (and even for custom animations), it got types support (my favorite), and overall I love working in it. Now, I use only these three frameworks for frontend development, “Ionic Framework, React Native, and Flutter.”

My Role in Project:

Flutter Developer
Flutter, Android Native App, IOS Native App, Firebase Functions, Firebase Realtime Database, APIs, Secure Apps, Performance Optimization, Speed Optimization, Animations, Form Handling, API Integration, Flutter Apps Debugging, App distribution on Google Play Store and Apple App Store
Personal/Learning Project
Copy Right
Self Learning
Start Date
March 2022
End Date
April 2022
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