Project Description

Office Management System | Customized Software Development

 The client requested customized software (with requirements according to his office work). he explained the modules he needed in the software with a main focus on reporting, analytics, and data presentation (charts). I developed the software using “Laravel + Nova” (as it was an admin panel software and a frontend UI was not required). For the Database, I used “MySql.” The main modules that were developed in the software were “Users, Roles, Permissions, Notes, Comments, Attachments, Tasks, TaskHistory, Actions (log actions), Projects, and Categories.” Other than app core functionality modules, I added these features to the system for security, performance, and useability enhancement. For security, I added “2FA (2-factor authentication) on the login flow; every time the user logs into his account, the system will verify his identity using the “OTP code created on the 2FA mobile app.” once the user enters that code and verifies then, only then can access his account. For data presentation (easy and specific data screens), I used the Nova Lenses and Charts (ChartJS library and Nova built-in Charts). I showed the users and admins the data they requested (in the requirement phase). The super admin account had access to the whole system, including (not limited to) all users, tasks, projects, comments, notes, and categories in the system. For data security, I added a “Soft Delete” feature in the App, which only allows the super admin the ability to delete a record from the system fully. Many other features were covered in the project, including (not limited to) filtering, sorting, searching, relationships between tables/data, and custom views. The most interesting part for me in this project was “Nova Tools,” using which I was able to fulfill even the most custom (out of the box) requirement of the client using custom VueJS, Javascript, Laravel (PHP), and Tailwindcss code. It was a very interesting project.

My Role in Project:

Laravel Nova Developer

Full Stack App Development

Professional/Work Project
Copy Right

Zaions Company

Start Date
February 2023
End Date
April 2023
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